Competitive League

Some wish for it, we work for it

Newark FC’s competitive program is where players will experience the highest level of training and competition in the area. Competitive teams function year round with teams playing in both Spring and Fall Leagues, various tournaments, and Northern California’s most exciting competition, CA State Cup.

Competitive coaches are promoted from our recreational league by our board of directors based on their individual merits, level of knowledge, and capabilities. Competitive coaches are encouraged to continue their coaching education and knowledge through various training organizations.

Teams are chosen at the discretion of coaches and formed based on players overall skill and abilities (mental and physical). Additionally, a players attitude, work ethic, and how they will represent Newark FC is heavily taken into account.

Competitive players should possess three basic qualities:

First, players are exceptional athletes with the physical ability to thrive in the most difficult of circumstances.

Second, players must know, and love, the sport of soccer. Beyond their own game, they eat, sleep, and breath soccer. They must show a thirst for more soccer, greater competition, and self mastery.

Finally, players must possess the right attitude and commitment. Skill alone does not make a player great. It is a commitment to themselves, their team, their coach, and their community. Competitive Players, Coaches, and Families know that they are just a single piece of a much greater purpose, and if they cannot be depended upon, the team as a whole fails.

Newark FC’s competitive program is only for the most physically, emotionally, and ethically sound players and coaches, whose families are prepared for the commitment. If you are interested in playing for Newark FC’s competitive program, stay posted to social media, and look for opportunities in your age group.

For more information on Newark FC’s competitive program, provide us with some basic information and we’ll contact you when an opportunity arises.