Newark Cup

The Newark Cup is hosted by Newark FC and is the result of a close working relationship between Newark FC and the Elementary Schools of Newark Unified School District. Games are usually held at the beginning of the year prior to Spring Recreational soccer and near the close of the futbolito season. Traditionally each school is invited to choose a coach and form both a girls and boys teams from the school’s student body. Below is a list of school who participate in this annual Spring Tournament.

  • Bunker Elementary
  • Graham Elementary
  • Kennedy Elementary
  • Lincoln Elementary
  • Milani Elementary
  • Musick Elementary
  • Schilling Elementary
  • Snow Elementary

If your school is not listed but you would like to participate, we suggest you speak with your school’s Athletic Director and Principal and let them know you’d wish to participate in the Newark Cup.

Teams from each participating school play a series of qualifying matches and/or are placed in a knockout bracket similar to European and FIFA Cup soccer. As the championship progresses the final will come down to two championship matches. One for girls, and one for boys, with the victors winning the Newark Cup for that year.

Newark Football Club provides logistical support for the Newark Cup in the form of organization, coaching, uniforms, and arranging for venues. Participation from our local schools is vital for keeping the Newark Cup tradition alive.

The Newark Cup is conducted as a method of promoting the sport of soccer at the community level. Newark Cup exists to lay the foundation for a life time of peer to peer collaboration through the promotion of teamwork, healthy lifestyle choices through physical challenges and personal fitness, all while fostering an attitude of perseverance through respectful competition.

It is Newark FC’s desire for Newark Cup to create healthy life long lessons that the youth of our community can carry with them forever.