Please be mindful of our neighbors, who share these facilities with kindness and courtesy, and leave them in better condition then when you arrived. Pick up after yourself and look after the grounds as if they were your own. Newark’s public parks and fields are everyone’s backyard.

Newark FC Recreation Fields

Sportsfield Park is the primary field for Newark Football Club’s Spring and Fall Recreational Program. On occasion, games and events may be held at MacGregor Park or the Junior High, but these fields are exclusively reserved for use by the Newark FC ELITE competitive league.

  1. Newark Sportsfield Park
  2. Mirabeau Park
  3. Birch Grove Park
  4. Mayhews Landing Park
  5. Ash Street Park

Newark FC Competitive Fields

ELITE Soccer has first priority over the MacGregor and Junior High facilities.

  1. Newark Sportsfield Park Turf (Mel Nunes Turf)
  2. 7v7 – Newark Junior High Athletic Fields
  3. Sanctuary Village
  4. MacGregor Fields (behind Newark Adult Education)

Field Layouts

  1. U6 Field Layout
  2. U8 Field Layout
  3. U9-U11 Field Layout A
  4. U9-U11 Field Layout B
  5. U12-U14 Field Layout
  6. U15-Adult Field Layout