Summer/Winter Turf

Formerly known as Futbolito, Summer/Winter Turf is small sided games where players will receive lots of touches on the ball, with games being fast, fun and high scoring. Games are 5v5, with every team having 4 field players and a goalie. The goals are full-size futsal goals for all age groups (besides U8), to allow for even more scoring.

  • Format/Sessions: 5v5 style of 6-7 games on Saturdays & Sundays. Season ends with a knockout style tournament. Registration comes with a Game Shirt & Award.
  • Dates: TBD

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How many players for each team roster? Maximum of 9 players per team
  2. How long are the games? Every half is 22 mins (instead of just 20 mins) with a total of 44 mins of playing time per game. There is also a 5 min half time
  3. What do I get for registering? The registration covers 6 games, plus a tournament at the end of the season. Top two teams in every age bracket get medals. In addition, every player gets a premium 2 color double-sided vest.
  4. When is the Summer/Winter Turf season, and what days are games played? Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays. Every team is guaranteed 6 games + a tournament/playoff at the end
    • Summer Season: July-August
    • Winter Season: January-March
  5. If I coach, do I get a discount? Coaches get one kid’s registration waived for every team they coach (as long as the team has at least 7 players). We need coaches. Do consider volunteering. Your help makes a big difference to the kids you coach.
  6. How are teams formed? For our U7 to U10 age groups, we form teams based on coach and player requests. And for our U11 to U15 age groups, we have a draft.
  7. Are competitive players allowed to play? Competitive players are more than welcome! We typically have Co-Ed Comp Age Groups: U11-U12, U12-U13, and U14-U15. Competitive players will be drafted into well-balanced teams, to create an fair, fun playing field.
  8. Where are games played? Newark Sportsfield Park Turf
  9. Will Summer / Winter Turf be fun for my young players? Great question! Don’t take our word for it, check out the great Thierry Henry: